Brisbane and Perth Registry Operations Streamlined

The State industrial relations registries of Queensland and Western Australia have begun providing a new, one-stop service for employers, employees and organisations seeking access to either the federal or State jurisdictions.

Under agreements with the Australian Industrial Registrar Peter Richards, the Queensland and Western Australian industrial registries now provide administrative services previously performed by the Australian Industrial Registry, in addition to their own State services.

The new arrangements, which came into effect on July 1, aim to ensure seamless service delivery which is simpler to understand and much more accessible to all users.

Proceedings of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) and the availability of AIRC Members based in Queensland and Western Australia have not been affected. There are currently three AIRC Commissioners resident in Brisbane and two in Perth.

As part of the changes, State Registry staff in Brisbane and Perth have been cross-trained in the federal industrial relations system, and agreements have been reached about the applicable service standards.

The move is also in line with a decision of the Workplace Relations Ministers' Council to encourage the harmonisation of administrative process in the State and federal industrial systems.

Wednesday, 7 July 1999