Award Simplification Resource Book Released

A Resource Book aimed at assisting parties involved in award simplification has been prepared by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and is now available through the AIRC Home Page or in hard copy or electronic form.

The book contains extracts from Full Bench decisions and the Metal Industry Decision of March 1998 and has been designed to assist unions and employers in determining what is allowable and not allowable in federal awards.

It was developed following conferences in April with representatives of organisations dealing with the award simplification process.

Other measures introduced after the conferences have included provision for the electronic lodgment of draft simplified awards and related documents and information sessions on the wordprocessing aspects of preparing draft awards. In addition, a special award simplification database containing the full text of all award simplification decisions and simplified awards is currently being prepared.

Under the Workplace Relations and Other Legislation Amendment Act, the Commission is required to review all federal awards to ensure they contain only the 20 allowable matters specified in Section 89A(2) of the Workplace Relations Act and that they meet certain other legislative criteria. Since July 1, 1998, non-allowable matters in federal awards are no longer enforceable.

The Award Simplification Resource Book is a first draft and the Commission is inviting comment on its form and content.

It is available through the AIRC Home Page ( or may be purchased from the Registry in either hard copy or electronic form for $20.

Wednesday, 11 August 1999