Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Nauru House, 80 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic. 3000
G.P.O. Box 1994S, Melbourne, Vic. 3001

Monday, 4 June 2001

Centenary of Federation Ceremonial Sitting

The Australian Industrial Relations Commission will hold a Ceremonial Sitting to mark the Centenary of Australia's Federation tomorrow (5 June) in Sydney.

The Sitting will begin at 10am in Court 1, Level 10, 80 William Street, East Sydney.

The sitting will be addressed by:

AIRC Members and a number of Presidents of State industrial tribunals will be on the Bench. Other Members of State industrial tribunals as well as former Members of the Commission and of the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission will be present in the courtroom.

While legislation to establish the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration was not passed until 1904, discussion of the need for a federal conciliation and arbitration power in the Constitution was a key issue in the Federation debates. A Conciliation and Arbitration Bill was one of the first pieces of legislation in the first federal Parliament.

Further information: Contact AIRC Media Liaison Officer Judy Hughes on 03-8661-7862, 0407-920815 or email