Media–inquiries & guidelines

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Media inquiries should be directed to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission's media and communications manager, Judy Hughes, who can be contacted by telephone on (03) 8661 7862 or 0407 920 815, or by email at

Guidelines for the use of cameras and recording equipment

Journalists may cover proceedings of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) held in public i.e. public hearings, but not private conferences.

In general, AIRC proceedings are public if the courtroom door is open and in private if the door is closed.

In courtrooms


The use of television and still cameras and other electronic equipment in the courtroom is entirely at the discretion of the AIRC member or members involved. Permission for the use of such equipment should be sought from the member hearing the matter, or in the case of a Full Bench, the presiding member. Media are requested to make such requests by contacting the AIRC Media Liaison Officer or the associate of the relevant member.

Audio recorders

Journalists may take notes in public proceedings, but sketching and the use of audio recorders (for note-taking or broadcast) is only permitted in courtrooms with the permission of the AIRC member concerned. As with requests for camera access, media are requested to seek permission for the use of such equipment through the AIRC media liaison officer or the associate of the relevant member.

Mobile telephones

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in courtrooms at any time.

In public areas and courts not in session

Media are permitted to use public areas outside courtrooms for interviews and mobile telephone conversations—provided they do not interfere with the work of the AIRC.

Cameras may also be used in such areas—provided those being photographed or filmed do not object and there is no interference to the work of the AIRC.

AIRC courtrooms not in session may not be used for any media activities unless arrangements have been made through the media and communications manager or the relevant Australian Industrial Registry state manager.

Information for media reperesentatives

Information most commonly sought by the media includes:

Media regularly reporting on the work of the AIRC may also be interested in subscribing to our free, electronic announcement service or our online newsletter AIRC News.