AIRC members

Primary Appointees

Members based in: (A) Adelaide, (B) Brisbane, (C) Canberra, (H) Hobart, (M) Melbourne, (P) Perth, (S) Sydney.

Justice GM Giudice (M)
Vice Presidents
Vice President MJ Lawler (S)
Vice President GR Watson (S)

Senior Deputy Presidents
Justice AJ Boulton AO, Senior Deputy President (S)
Senior Deputy President IR Watson (M)
Senior Deputy President AM Harrison (S)
Senior Deputy President JM Acton (M)
Senior Deputy President LEC Drake (S)
Senior Deputy President MG O'Callaghan (A)
Senior Deputy President RN Cartwright (S)
Senior Deputy President L Kaufman (M)
Senior Deputy President JM Hamberger (S)
Senior Deputy President PJ Richards (B)

Deputy Presidents
Deputy President KB Ives (M)
Deputy President RS Hamilton (M)
Deputy President BP McCarthy (P)

Commissioner GR Smith AM (M)
Commissioner JCW Lewin (M)
Commissioner GJ Harrison (S)
Commissioner MAG Gay (M)
Commissioner DB Foggo (M)
Commissioner WD Blair (M)
Commissioner AL Cribb (M)
Commissioner HM Cargill (S)
Commissioner AP Larkin (S)
Commissioner DM Whelan (M)
Commissioner B Deegan (C)
Commissioner FJ Raffaelli (S)
Commissioner GSG Grainger (M)
Commissioner PJ Spencer (B)
Commissioner MG Roberts (S)
Commissioner CW Thatcher (S)
Commissioner BD Williams (P)

Dual appointees

AIRC dual appointees hold primary appointments with the following state tribunals: the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales (IRCNSW), the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC), the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (IRCSA), the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) and the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC).

Deputy Presidents State title
Judge JP McCusker (A)
Judge HW Parsons (A)
Deputy President DR Hall (B)
Justice F Marks (S)
Deputy President RW Harrison (S)
Deputy President DM Linnane (B)
Deputy President PL Leary (H)
Judge PD Hannon (A)
Justice RP Boland (S)
Deputy President AR Beech (P)
Deputy President IRCSA
Deputy President IRCSA
President QIRC
Presidential Member IRCNSW
Presidential Member IRCNSW
Vice President QIRC
President TIC
President IRCSA
President IRCNSW
Chief Commissioner WAIRC
Commissioners State title
Commissioner GK Fisher (B)
Commissioner DA Swan (B)
Commissioner AL Bloomfield (B)
Commissioner IC Asbury (B)
Commissioner DK Brown (B)
Commissioner JM Thompson (B)
Commissioner QIRC
Deputy President QIRC
Deputy President QIRC
Commissioner QIRC
Commissioner QIRC
Commissioner QIRC

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